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As you complete raids, you'll start to gather tokens that you can turn into better gear depending on which token you have. There are a few things to notice about tokens:


There are three types of colors for tokens, and each one represents which classes can use them.

Yellow (Threatening) tokens are for Knights, Rangers, Sorcerers, and Soul Makers.
Red (Immolating) tokens are for Beastmasters, Wizards, Warriors, and Rogues.
Blue (Cold) tokens are for Monks, Priests, Assassins, and Crescentias.


Example of a normal mode token. Notice the lack of a star in the upper left corner of the token image.

There are two types of token icons. A regular token represents a drop from a normal raid dungeon, and must be turned in to the dungeon grader with <NORMAL> next to their name. A token with a star represents a drop from a hard raid, and therefore must be turned in to the dungeon grader with <HARD> next to their name.


Each raid has it's own specific gear, so you can't just turn in a token from Baphomet's Garden to the dungeon grader that gives you AoD gear. The second word is how you can determine which dugeon grader to turn your token in to:

Defender is for Baphomet/PvE Normal
Oppressor is Baphomet/PvE Hard
Conqueror is Culvert of the Abyss Normal
Dominator is Culvert of the Abyss Hard
Subjugator is Abaddon of Despair Normal
Ruler is Abaddon of Despair Hard

All the dungeon graders are in one centralized location in Prontera, however, they're spread out all around Alberta. The locations of each can be found in the following locations:

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