Teddy Bear
Class Normal
Level 91
Size Small
Type Formless
Element Neutral
Natural Habitat Einbroch fields, Einbech Mines

Teddy Bear is a sentient stuffed animal.


In Einbroch, there was a short-lived Teddy Bear fad. A series of mysterious accidents and murders where entire families were killed occurred. It turns out that every family that had been murdered had bought one of these Teddy Bears. There were even rumors that these Teddy Bears were coming to life.

After an investigation, the authorities learned that all of the merchants who sold these bears had purchased them from the same wholesaler, an outsider no one knew anything about. Since the Teddy Bears were clearly not made to be mere, harmless toys, troops were sent to secure all the Teddy Bears and dispose of them outside of town. But as soon as the Teddy Bears were set outside of town, they sprang to life and started rioting! This is clear proof that these bears are controlled by some evil force.

Now those aggressive Teddy Bears are scattered all over the place and the government has classified them as monster. Kill with extreme prejudice! That's all is known of the Teddy Bear. It is advisable that adventurer to be more careful when exploring. Watch out for these bears if you go exploring. They may be cute, but they're known to be extremely vicious![1]


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