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Class Normal
Level 64
Size Medium
Type Demon
Element Water
Natural Habitat Payon Cave, Payon Forest

Sohee is a virgin ghost that had never had a real love in her lifetime. She mostly appears near Payon, but doesn`t do much harm onto Normans.[1] A female ghost that harbors a deep grudge. Although she is usually crying, she can become fierce upon encountering the living.[2]

Ragnarok Online II

In RO2, Sohee was the daughter of a rich Payon family. She had been promised a happy future with her fiancée, but a war occurred when her country was invaded by an oversea country. Her fiancée was drafted into the war and returned to her as a cold corpse. Filled with sorrow, she jumped into the lake to see her love again in death.[3]



  • Sohees are based on the ancient Korean belief that a woman's chastity was more important than her own life—women carried small silver knives in their robes and if they were in danger of being raped, they'd commit suicide with it.


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