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Ridewords as seen in the manhwa.
Class Normal
Level 74
Size Small
Type Formless
Element Neutral
Natural Habitat Clock Tower, Glastheim Castle, Glastheim Chivalry

Rideword is a monster that resembles a book and is usually found in magical libraries. It is unknown if they are a nuisance or a security measure.


During the Magic Festival in Geffen, Iris is abducted by Sakray to lure Chaos to him. Their battle culminates within a secretive library within the Geffen Tower. While fighting, Chaos is accosted by a group of Ridewords and Sakray takes advantage of them to gain the upper hand.

Ragnarok Online

Ridewords make an appearance in RO as killable monsters. Unlike their manhwa incarnation, the in-game Ridewords feature primarily an eye icon on their cover rather than a variety of books. They're mainly found in the Glastheim dungeon.


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