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Class Normal
Level 1
Size Medium
Type Plant
Element Water (RO)
Wind (RO2)
Natural Habitat Geffen fields, Prontera fields, Labyrinth Forest, West Mt. Mjolnir

Poring is a jelly-type creature that is commonly seen everywhere. It's not hostile to Normans and also weak to be a recommendable monster for newbies. It tends to swallow everything in sight.[1] Small, pink monsters that are made of a living gelatinous substance. They're cute and move by bouncing.[2]

A round, jelly-like body that's said to hold all sorts of items lost by many adventurers.[3]


Porings are said to have been created from Odin's sweat when he was building Midgard, hence their drop-like shape. When his sweat fell upon the surface of the world, they took on an element of the world, which is why there are different varieties of them.

Ragnarok Online II

In RO2, the Poring comes in three distinct varieties:

  • Poring
  • Baby Poring
  • Poor Poring

All three kinds can be found around the Elemento Academy. Particularly the Poring and Poor Poring are kept in the school's Poring Pound.

According to academy cadet Sophie, Porings can never really die as they have the ability to pull themselves back together after some time.

When players initiate their vending ability, a Poring appears for them to sit on and accompany them.


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