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For the character from the animation, see Dark Lord (anime).
Dark Lord
Class MVP
Level 96
Size Large
Type Demon
Element Undead
Natural Habitat Glastheim Abbey

Dark Lord is the the king of Demons. Rumor has it that he is considerably weaker in the mortal realm. Still, he's the one of strongest enemies to Norman adventurers.[1]

As powerful as Dark Lord is, the life force in the realm of Midgard conflicts with his dark nature and drains a large portion of his power when attempting to enter it. Because of this, Dark Lord can only create manifestations of himself that are only a small fraction of his power, but still devastating in strength. Niflheim is a realm that poses no opposition to Dark Lord's presence, unlike Midgard. However he cannot enter it on his own and requires a summoning. Were Dark Lord be successful in accessing Niflheim, he would be able to enter Midgard easily while retaining most of his powers and with them the ability to destroy the realm.[2]



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