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This is a listing of officially sanctioned forums and fansites.

Official Forums

This is a listing of forums for the official servers of RO and RO2. These forums are meant to allow the community to play licensed versions of the games through legal means and for the game developers to collect feedback from their players.


This is a listing of fansites that are made for and by the Ragnarok gaming community. Like the Ragnarok Wiki, these fansites are NOT affiliated with GRAVITY Co. Ltd. and/or its subsidiaries or affiliates so paid staff are not guaranteed to frequent these sites, if at all.

Ragnarok Online

  • iRO Wiki - An up-to-date Wiki for the iRO servers.
  • RO Story - A weblog site for the telling and sharing of RO adventures.
  • Ragial - A useful site detailing the ups and downs of the iRO market. Useful for gauging item value.
  • Divine Pride - An RO database. Includes server comparisons.
  • RO Empire - A community-driven fansite dedicated to RO. Includes a database.
  • DoddlerRO - Dedicated to new and incoming updates to RO.
  • Ragnarok Wisdom - A webcomic about iRO.
  • Phantasmagoria - A website for the distribution of custom RO UI skins.
  • RO Reddit - A Reddit dedicated to discussions about RO.

Ragnarok Online II

  • RO Guard - A detailed RO2 database with comparisons between official servers.
  • RO2 Base - A good fan-developed site for testing stat and skill builds with a card, item, and title database.
  • RO2 Database - Another detailed RO2 database with server comparisons.
  • Asgardians' Library - Basic RO2 database.
  • Nice Database - Basic RO2 database.
  • RO2 Reddit - A Reddit dedicated to discussions about RO2.

Game Pages

This is a listing of the official game pages for Ragnarok games on several game websites. These are separate communities of gamers that may or may not frequent the official forums.