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This is a listing of Ragnarök fanart drawn by members of the Ragnarök Wiki community. Each artist has his/her own gallery of fanart listed under his/her personal image category.

To add your own fanart for the Ragnarök franchise:

  1. Create a Wikia account!
  2. Once you've created a Wikia account, start up your personal image category by creating a new page and typing in "Category:username Fanart" (replacing username with your Wikia username).
  3. Upload your image and categorize it into your personal category.

You can link to your gallery by typing in:

[[:Category:username Fanart|My Fanart]]

Fanart Rules

  • Each user is only allowed ONE image category for his/her fanart. This is to prevent unnecessary cluttering of image galleries on the Wiki. An exception to this are collaboration galleries, which should be labeled as "Category:project Collaboration" with project being the name of the collaboration.
  • Make sure you're logged into your Wikia account before uploading art! This is to make sure your name is linked to your artwork. Artwork uploaded by anonymous Wikia contributors will be seen as art thieves and the images will be promptly deleted.
  • When uploading fanart, please make sure you watermark the image with your name or personal logo to prevent theft. Although we will take action if art theft occurs, it is up to each artist to be proactive and prevent theft of their own art. Report all art thefts to the current admin at the WarpPortal Forums.
  • Format the filenames of the images as "username_fanart" with the username being your Wikia username and fanart as the title of your work. Any image that is not properly labeled will be considered spam and deleted from the Wiki. We will give you leeway on the first few submissions, but continuous mislabeling of images will not be tolerated.
  • If you wish to do commissions, please advertise your commission rates on your personal image category. You can charge real-life money or in-game currency for your art; we won't restrict you. Commission contracts are private transactions and as such the Ragnarök Wiki holds no responsibility for mismanaged commission deals.
  • Wikia currently does not have a private messaging feature. Please include contact information on your personal image category if you're offering commissions.
  • Art commissions are to be advertised in the the Marketplace section of the forums and your own Wikia profile only. Do not advertise anywhere else on the Ragnarök Wiki. That includes articles and other Wikia users' blogs and message walls.

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