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This is a list of game guides written by members of the Ragnarök Wiki community for Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Online II, and the spin-off games. These guides may become outdated with time so it is up to the original author to update the guides. If you see an existing guide that has not been updated and the author shows no desire to update, you may go ahead and write up an updated guide of your own.

To add your own player guide for any game in the Ragnarök franchise:

  1. Create a Wikia account!
  2. Once you've created a Wikia account, start a new blog post and begin writing your guide.
  3. Be sure to categorize your player guide under Player Guides in order for it to show up on this page.
  4. Please format the filenames of guide images as "username_filename" with the username being your Wikia username and filename as the name you've given the image file. Any image that is not properly labeled will be considered spam and deleted from the Wiki. We will give you leeway on the first few submissions, but continuous mislabeling of images will not be tolerated.

Tips to creating a good guide:

  • Indicate clearly which game you're creating a guide for. Many games in the Ragnarök franchise use similar elements so be sure to make the distinction clear which game the guide is for.
  • Use proper formatting to make your guide clear and concise. Remember, you're writing a guide, not an essay.
  • Spelling and grammar is important! You can easily lose credibility as a player when others can't make sense of what you're writing. A guide is meant to help others, not make them more confused!
    • Feel free to make guides in other languages! The more players you help, the better!

Please note that spam will NOT be tolerated. Any spam entries will be deleted without warning!

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