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Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

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Questions? Let me know how I can help. - --awyman13 Talk Work 01:51, May 10, 2019 (UTC)

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 1 August 2018

Ragnarok's Infinity War

Why do I have the feeling I'm going to get a bunch of Marvel fans wandering around here with this weblog title?

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 6 July 2018

Game Over, Man

So I recently found out that Raptr shut down last year. Thanks for emailing everyone, guys.

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 26 June 2018

The Big Picture

Now that all the GDPR hubbub has simmered down, this is a good time for me to lay down all my thoughts over the whole matter.

For those not in the know (which I doubt since you're here reading stuff on the wiki), back in April, Gravity Interactive announced that they will no longer service players from the Europe region. Although they didn't give a straight reason as to why, the fact that the denial of service was to go into effect on May 25th (the same day that the GDPR was to be enforced) gave away a reason for the change in service region.

Obviously the iRO playerbase was not happy with the decision. Torches and pitchforks were waved around with some choice curse words at the publisher. The more levelheaded members of the community starte…

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 16 June 2018

Poring Con - Event Guide (iRO)

We start off in Hugel!

Talk to Poring Con Volunteer, then need you to gather items to enter poring con!

First you need a Poring egg.

Then she asks for 15 Apple Juice.

Giving her these items gets you a Poring Convention Badge! (Note does NOT consume the Poring Egg)

Now we can start doing swag quests!

Note: If you lose or need to get a new Badge, she will sell you a new one for 100k zeny.

Head up and we find Astra and Jelloshaker looking for help!

They need us to take photos of cosplayers all over Hugel.

1: Frozen Mage Cosplayer

2: Singing Bard Cosplayer

3. Wild Soul Cosplayer

4: Winged Cosplayer

After that, return to Astra and Jelloshaker for your reward!

Upon opening one, you get:

One Community Headgear Hat!

1 Pet Incubator
20 Unripe Apples
1 Old Battle Ma…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 19 April 2018

RedBubble Review (Trouble in Kokomo T-Shirt)

So I've finally decided to get myself a shirt of my old Cameesa shirt contest entry, Trouble in Kokomo. I've been hesitating to get myself a shirt for a while due to some feedback I saw on the RedBubble feedback section (which no longer exists) regarding the quality of the t-shirts they offer. From what I could understand, the shirts that RedBubble used to print on were from American Apparel. I guess they weren't able to continue using American Apparel shirts, so they switched to another supplier.

As usual, their packaging is unique and practical.

For the shirt I got a medium size, which appears to be a lot bigger than I thought. The tag says to wash in cold water only and never use the dryer. I guess the material is prone to shrinkage, but …

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 20 March 2018

St. Patty's Day Quest 2018 Guide (iRO)

Start in bottom left of Prontera.

Here we meet Duffy. He will exchange Poring Pretzels for rewards!

We gotta go to various pubs around Rune Midgard and give ingredients to the brewmasters.

Give him

10 Acorns
5 Bags of Grain
1 Empty Bottle

Reward: 5 Pretzels.

/navi prontera 203/156

10 Clovers
5 Barren Trunk
5 Bags of Grain
1 Empty Bottle

Reward: 10 Poring Pretzels

/navi geffen 136/136

10 Tentecles
5 Ice Cream
5 Bag of Grain
1 Empty Bottle

Reward: 10 Pretzels

/navi aldebaran 232/107

15 Sticky Mucus
10 Apples
5 Oranges
5 Bags of Grain
1 Empty Bottle

Reward: 15 Poring Pretzels

Back in the Prontera Pub you can exchange Pretzels for rewards:

5- Soda Bread - Agi Buff
5 - Boxty - Int Buff
5 - Sheperds Pie
5 - Corn Beef and Cabbage
5 - Bangers N Mash - Dex Buff
40 - Codder - EXP …

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 18 February 2018

2018 Valentines Day Quest Guide (iRO)

We start in Geffen!

Must be at least level 50 to start.

Talk to Ingrid the Baker to begin.

Her boyfriend got killed by a dead branch, and now we gotta bring Chocolate to Nifelheim.

First we have to gather chocolate ingredients for her to replace the lost chocolate.

Cacao drops from Yoyo's.
Honey drops from Hornets and other Payon monsters.
Milk can be bought from the milk vendor in Prontera.
Red Spice is bought above the fountain in the middle of Prontera.
Cooking Oil can be bought from the Chef assistant in Juno.

After gathering all the ingredients, you will get one Cookie Bag and one Handmade Chocolate.

Now we go to Nifelheim.

After talking to Rupert he needs you to prove you are not a demon by killing 40 Dullahans.

After killing 40 Dullahans retur…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 27 January 2018

Ragnarok Game Reviews

I haven't done game reviews since Raptr removed their reviews feature. I did manage to download them all before the feature was removed, but dunno if I'll repost them elsewhere. For now I'll just repost my Ragnarok game reviews here at the very least.

In no particular order, here are my reviews for some of the Ragnarok games.

Never got to play the original Ragnarok Mobile since I didn't have Internet on my mobile phones back then and I didn't get my first smartphone until 2015. Then there's several games that never got released outside of Asia, so no way I could try those out to review them. I have yet to play Ragnarok Battle Offline and don't know if I'll find time to play it between all my projects and managing this wiki.

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 16 December 2017


It's a shame that GRAVITY will never do this for the Ragnarok franchise.

Warcraft Chronicle

I mean, I'd be super surprised if GRAVITY declares the spin-off games as canon and tries to link them all together into a cohesive lore along with the manhwa, Ragnarok Online, and Ragnarok Online II. It'd be messed up as heck, though. :U Probably be as convoluted as the Legend of Zelda games or worse.

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 16 December 2017

2017 Christmas Quest, Nyah! Humbug! Guide

Merry Xmas guys!

We start in Malangdo! You must be level 50+ and talk to Retired Santa to begin.

Tell santa he can't quit. Santa will tell you to go to Santa Claws next.

malangdo 228/275

Santa Claws needs 1 Yarn and 10 Fresh Fish. Talk to Grump Helper with the items.

malangdo 228/272

Talk to Cheery Helper next. Cheery Helper needs us to gather 20 Wrapping Paper and 20 Wrapping Lace.

Note: These both drop from Xmas monsters in Toy Factory.

The items are not consumed when used by Cheery Helper. Return to Retired Santa next. Tell him you are sorry to bother him and he will send us to Lutie.

Talk to the Toy Stockpile. It will flash colors and you pick the color that matches what flashes. This part can be annoying, as you see other players colors flashi…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 4 December 2017

Ragnarok ADD

It seems GRAVITY has an obsession with renaming their games to make it look like they've made more games than they actually had.

Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising = Ragnarok: Path of Heroes = Ragnarok: War of Gods = Ragnarok: Battle of Heroes

Ragnarok: Ash Vacuum = Ragnarok Empire

Ragnarok Online: Prequel = Ragnarok Online Web = Ragnarok Journey

Ragnarok: Renaissance = Ragnarok Revival = Ragnarok R = Ragnarok RUSH

And with Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Guardians of Love being advertised as Ragnarok M in Korea, I expect that game to be renamed yet again when it actually gets released internationally.

Just look at that list. Only five games, but FIFTEEN FRICKIN' NAMES for those games! As the Angry Video Game Nerd would say: "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???" And it's only going to get …

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 25 November 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 Quest Guide (iRO)

Sorry I was late. Have a picture of my new kitten as an apology.

We start in southwestern Prontera. Here we meet Charity Caller. We tell him we have no plans for thanksgiving. He tells us to go see Brigadier Betty in Juno.

Betty sends us upstairs in the Pub to go meet The Admiral.

Tell the Admiral you would like to join and help out with the cooking. Head downstairs and talk to LT. Smash.

Lt. Smash tells us to go meet Nose. Nose is directly northeast from the pub entrance.

Nose needs to know we know nothing about cooking.

Talk to the Haste Stove next to Nose.

Turn on Stove -> Add Beef -> Bring to a Boil.

Note: You need to walk a few cells away to re trigger dialogue boxes.

After completing the cooking, we are off to meet Faye Roah. All you need to…

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 22 October 2017

Halloween 2017 Quest Guide (iRO)

Boo. Did I scare you?

We start off on the 2nd floor of the Prontera Inn. Here we meet Cres Wraven.
Talking to him will make your character very sleepy, and you will be teleported to Niff.

Here we meet Kruegg Enna. She tells us there are others in this nightmare and we need to seek them out.

Head to the bottom left of the map. 125, 56. Here we meet Lenn Glantz. He needs 20 Ectoplasm. These drop from Mini Demons on the map.

Next we head to the bottom right. 335, 41. Here we meet Claud Rane. He needs 20 Rusty Kitchen Knifes. These drop from the Bloody Murderers on the map.

Lastly, in the top right we meet Gina Crey. She will only talk to you after turning in the Ectoplasm and Rusty Knifes. Talking to her will warp you to Payon.

Here we listen to some d…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 24 September 2017

Disney Food Hunt

Since I originally hired in back in 2011, I've usually ended up going on rides after rides when I invite my friends into Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. As a result, I've pretty much been on every ride in both parks (sans Mad Tea Party, because you can't make me no matter how much you try). In recent years, I've relegated to coming into the parks for food hunts since Disney started doing food festivals at DCA to get people to go over there.

Just this weekend, I went into the parks with my sister NightAccio and a couple of other friends to tackle not one, not two, but THREE foodie lists!

Adventurous New Tastes at Bengal Barbecue in Disneyland Park

Foodie Guide to Fantasmic-inspired Eats and Sweets at Disneyland Park

Your Guide to Tr…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 18 September 2017

The Ragnarök Theorist: The Curious Case of Oliver Hilpert

Hello Ragnarök fans and welcome to another scintillating episode of The Ragnarök Theorist, where I attempt to piece together the puzzling story of Ragnarök even though it threatens to be as disjointed with inconsistent continuity as the Transformers cartoon franchise.

But enough about that! Onward to Midgard!

Oliver Hilpert, the famous author of the bestselling novel The Crow of Fate and its prequel The Trace of Fate, is a very curious individual. He's well-known for basing his stories on dreams that he has, which seems to be linked to a peculiar ability of his that may suggest that Oliver is not your ordinary norman. In fact, I would be bold to say that he is in actuality an X-MEN!

Kidding. But he's still a mutant.

Remember a charred laboratory …

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 15 September 2017

Walk like a Pirate Day 2017 Achievement Guide (iRO)

Yo ho yo ho, near the hooks, I'll never go.

Achievements -> Quest -> Basic

"It went down with the ship"

treasure02 101/157

"A very Vocal resident may guard this chest."

prt_fild07 322/78

"These undead archers put the pirates to rest"

pay_dun01 50/265

"Under the city of magic where the mushrooms roar"

gef_dun00 174/44

"Left for dead. Near this castle"

glast_01 185/290

"Uncovered by adventures near some Pyramids."

moc_ruins 100/186

"Seized by the Orcs it was buried with their dead."

orcsdun01 46/80

"Deep under the sea near some ruins this treasure lost."

iz_dun04 130/227


You get the title "Rated Arrrrrrrrrr" and a Pirate Eye Bandage. You also get 1 Gift Box per achievement completed.

This gear is not a costume, and next week we will receive an exchange…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 10 September 2017

Decepticon Meddling

My younger cousin recently got me into Transformers: Prime, which brought me back into the Transformers franchise after the Michael Bay movies disappointed me out of it. Transformers: Prime awoke my inner child in a way that I haven't felt since the days of Beast Wars. (Favorite overall Transformer remains Dinobot from the Beast Wars continuity with some warmth towards Hotshot of the G1 generation.) I do recall coming across Transformers: Prime when it originally aired on The Hub alongside the My Little Pony reboot (which I also enjoyed until Lauren Faust left the studio), but the live-action movies made me skeptical of its quality. After seeing how My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is into its 7th season by now, I figured maybe Transformers: Prime may…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 20 August 2017


So Varitas left the iRO2 community for the other games while Idunn, formerly VModSalsa, is now CM of iRO2 along with Njoror. Turnover #5 in just 4 years into iRO2's existence. Good grief. And everyone who was unbanned after Maridah left have all but disappeared. So I guess there's not much to moderate in the iRO2 section, considering there's threads from as far back as May that are still on the first page. (I'm still banned, of course. They definitely don't want me adding to any discussion they have even though I still cover RO2 stuff on the wiki.)

On top of that, Warnhal jumped ship, never having updated any of us on revamping the gender change option on the iRO website after gaining the ability to make male and female characters on the sa…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 14 August 2017

The Ragnarök Theorist: Did Horses Exist in Midgard?

Hello Ragnarök fans and welcome to another chapter of The Ragnarök Theorist, the series that explores the lore of the Ragnarök compilation as a weblog because the author is too inexperienced to do all that hokey video editing stuff to make episodes on YouTube.

Anyways, on with the "show"!

One thing I'm sure a lot of Ragnarok Online players have noticed at least once is that there are absolutely no living horses in the game. None, zip, nada! The only horses we ever encounter are those that are already dead, namely Nightmare, Nightmare Terror, Knight of Abyss, and Lord of Death. Given how Sleipnir exists within the mythos of the Ragnarök compilation, there should be some living horses for players to encounter while exploring the world of Midgard. …

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 24 July 2017

The Ragnarök Theorist: Fairies in Midgard

Greetings mortals, and welcome to another chapter of The Ragnarök Theorist, a totally original blog series that explores the lore-rific world of Ragnarok.

For everyone playing Ragnarok Online, most likely you guys have been under the impression that fairies are a fairly (ha) new thing to the game with the introduction of the Laphine race. But little did you know that fairies have always been a part of the game long before we even step our little pixel foots into the New World.

The first presences of fairies were introduced to us through Willows and Elder Willows, in which official sources stated that they were formerly regular old trees that fairies took residence in. For some reason, the fairies inside them went nuts (ha) and ended up twisting …

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 24 June 2017

Revolution Classic

Spent some time to analyze the whole Revo-Classic movement that GRAVITY has been doing starting with thRO to more recently iRO and it's been getting me theorizing what they're trying to accomplish.

Ragnarok Online first launched in Korea in 2002 and it's been through a myriad of changes:

  • The kiddie script hack, which got rid of a lot of neat stuff that RO would otherwise have like the day/night cycle and weather system.
  • The 3-1 Classes being released as Rebirth Classes while the 3-2 Classes became linear 3rd Classes.
  • Renewal changing a lot of combat formulas and adding stuff like EXP and drop penalties as well as fixed cast times.
  • Cash shop introduction releasing a lot of game-changing stuff like Convex Mirrors and Battle Manuals with game-brea…
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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 20 June 2017

The Ragnarök Theorist: The Tale of Two Fires

Hello again, people! Welcome to another chapter of The Ragnarök Theorist, the blog where we explore the backside of water Ragnarok Online's ever puzzling lore.

Today we're investigating the Regenschirm Laboratory fire which left quite a mark on the Rekenber Corporation. If you ever get to explore the laboratory yourself, you'll notice that as you move to the lower floors, there are more and more noticeable evidences of a fire having ransacked the lower levels. Participating in the Episode 10 quests reveals a sinister side to the Rekenber Corporation that they may or may not be aware of. However, several quests suggest that Rekenber did not deal with just one, but TWO major fires. Both of which occurred within laboratories. (So flammable, those la…

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 18 June 2017

Rock Ridge Island Guide - WIP

I enjoyed this quest. More to come.

Start off in Alberta. Here we meet Karam Pucci. He needs help dealing with bandits in Rock Ridge. Head over and go meet the mayor.

Right off the boat we meet Castillo. He agrees to let us help and sends us to go meet the Sheriff.

Here the option doesn't matter, we need to go back to the Mayor and let him decide what to do about the bandits. The Mayor is a total coward and says it is up to us to deal with the bandits.

Head back to the sheriff. He knows where the bandit is. Head one map east.

Here we find the Freight train and run into Johnny James the bandit. Tell him you are here from headquarters. After watching the cut-scene play out, talk to the Sheriff and head back to his office.

Back in his office we nee…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 17 May 2017

The Ragnarök Theorist: What REALLY Happened to Tristan Gaebolg III

Salutations, people! Welcome to The Ragnarök Theorist, where it's all about the puzzle known as the Ragnarök franchise, but more specifically Ragnarok Online! (I am totally not parodying a particular YouTube channel at all! TOTALLY!)

Anyways, for the very first (episode? chapter? I dunno) of The Ragnarök Theorist, I want to explore what happened to Tristan Gaebolg III's family, more particularly his sons. Most of you RO players probably never even bothered to learn the name of the frickin' king of Rune-Midgarts (much less the country itself) and I don't blame you, since GRAVITY never really put much thought into this bearded monarch until Episode 10 rolled around and brought us a lovely basket of training quests for 1st Class Jobs in addition t…

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 14 May 2017

16.1 Master Guide (WIP)

Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums.

I cannot stress this enough, this is a WIP. I will be working on this for the next week or two. This will be a hub for the main story quests and sidequests. Lets go!

  • 1 Main Story Quests:
  • 2 Honor Tokens:
    • 2.1 List of Rewards:
  • 3 Side Quests:
  • 4 Special thanks!

We start in Prontera near the spawn point. Here we meet The Royal Errand Boy. He needs our help and upon offering he can teleport us or we can walk north to Prontera Castle and give us an invitation to the Banquet.

Entering the castle we are greeted by Chamberlain Bell. He needs us to head to your room in the castle.

Once in your room, talk to Chamberlain Bell. We need to go meet all the royal families. We start with Heine. Then move up from there and then t…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 8 May 2017

Stuck in the Twilight Zone

About 2 years ago, I stumbled upon this article that claims iRO was supposed to get their own culture town back in 2005 or so.

Anime News Network

And this comic strip by Aragan/Trev-MUN confirms that the USA culture town was planned to be in development alongside the Indonesia culture town (revealed to be Dewata).

Ragnarok Wisdom #92

So it surprises me that the USA culture town has been delayed for so long until the current iRO team started work on iRO's 12th Anniversary Event. What gives? Dewata came to iRO around 2011, but the USA culture town was still absent by that time despite both were supposed to have started undergoing development around the same time. People assumed that Einbroch or Lighthalzen was the American culture town, but those ar…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 28 April 2017

Ragnarok Homage

Was reading through Aragan/Trev-MUN's Ragnarok Wisdom webcomic and I think he's the only RO comic artist that has actually bothered to reference the game's original source.

Ragnarok Wisdom #102
Ragnarok Wisdom #312
Ragnarok Wisdom #342
Ragnarok Wisdom #350
Ragnarok Wisdom #384
Ragnarok Wisdom #471

Something tells me his favorite manhwa character is Loki.

These comics just serve to illustrate (ha) how very little Lee Myung-jin and GRAVITY care about the manhwa, if at all. Imagine if Akira Toriyama started work on Dragon Ball and dropped it after 10 volumes just because a game developer asked to make an MMORPG out of it (yes, I know about Dragon Ball Online, but fortunately that was way after Dragon Ball Z ended at least). How sad would it be if he was con…

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 14 May 2017

2017 Easter Quest Guide (iRO)

I hate this quest. It has been in since 2010. I remember doing this when it came out....

Start in Prontera.

Here we find Lina. She asks for our help and to take a sacred oath.

Now we must kill 50 Deviruchi, Wraith Dead, Dullahan, or Nightmare Terror. Your best bet is in Niflheim, go to Eden Kitchen, talk to Bathory.

Now we gotta go to 4 different locations and talk to the dark manifestations:

Geffen 207/114

Juno 164/46

Rachel 36/132

Lutie 144/51

Return to Lina and she will reward you with Exp and an Easter Egg Shell Hat.

If you talk to the egg next to Lina you can trade 1 Egg, 1 Star Dust, 20 Jellopies, and 300k Zeny for a random item:

I hate this quest. 0/10 would not recommend.

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 14 April 2017

The End: Part 2

Previously, I was banned from the iRO2 section of Gravity Interactive's WarpPortal forums. I was later unbanned, and now banned again. The reason this time around?

Thread necroing. Even though there were 3 other necros in recent times, but those people didn't get banned.

Necro #1
Necro #2 (Which a CM actually supported with a post!)
Necro #3

The only threads I necroed were: TidusPeco's Revival of Oridecon/Elunium thread, my Buying Costumes thread, my classic server thread, and my card game thread. All of which was mainly to revive discussion on them since Gravity Interactive took over development of RO2. So yeah, the fact that a Community Manager actually okayed a necro says pretty loudly that they're targeting me specifically. And so I am to …

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 5 April 2017


Back in April of 2015, Gravity Interactive introduced what they called the BLOB (Big List o' Bugs) using the Trello project management platform. (Ironic that it was introduced on April 1st.) Created for their Ragnarok Online server, the Trello board allowed the playerbase to report bugs and expedite fixes. The Ragnarok Online II team followed suit with their own BLOB board.

Fast-forward to recently, I was trying to track down the iRO BLOB board to discover this.

iRO BLOB Trello

I don't know if the board has been hidden away or outright deleted. Either way, it was not surprising this little project didn't last very long. On the other hand, the iRO2 BLOB board is still kicking.

iRO2 BLOB Trello

Granted, the iRO2 team has more power to enact fixes…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 31 March 2017

Ragna-flop Journey

I get it, Gravity Interactive. Ragnarok Journey is the first browser-based game you've ever hosted. (Requiem doesn't really count since it was hosted on Facebook and not launched into the browser.) It's rather different from your usual PC and mobile game fare.

But seriously, in all the years you guys spent hosting online games, I would've thought you knew better than to open 10+ SERVERS ON DAY 1.

Seriously? Who does that? Online games open maybe 2 or 3 servers at most on launch day and then add more servers as the playerbase grows. Gravity Interactive has done just that for all of their online games since forever (2003 was when the Gravity Interactive branch of GRAVITY was open, FYI). Did they seriously anticipate tons of people clamoring to p…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 25 March 2017

Store Gone

Decided to check out Gravity Interactive's first storefront hosted by GodMode to see if they've added anything new.


Unexpectedly, the store has gone poof. However, Gravity Interactive managed to transfer the Kafra café and Turtle Party designs over to their RedBubble store. Wish they took more care in applying the designs to the different products because some of Gravity Interactive's stuff looks terrible as a result. (The laptop skins and wall art could've been done much better than the haphazard slapping they did.)

Out of curiosity, I decided to dig into when the GodMode site shut down and what I discovered was rather surprising.


According to this…

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 17 March 2017

2017 St. Patricks Day Quest Guide (iRO)

Strangers need to leave me alone while I am sick! Mom if you don't send them away I will hate you FOREVER!

Start in Hugel!

Here we find O'Reily and he needs our help! He had a fallout with his sister and asks us to help her.

Head over to the 2nd floor of the Hugel inn. Here we meet Widow Thon and her son Baal Peter Thon.

Tell her you can help, and she will ask to you to examine her son. We are clueless so we need to find Nurse Anna.

Head outside to the Hugel Grocery store. (Right above O'Riley)

Tell her you are here for Thon and she will recommend you approach him with an Eggshell in your inventory.

After you talk to Thon with the Egg Shell in your inventory, he will teleport you to a map of Hugel full of monsters.

First off talk to O Riley first. T…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 5 March 2017

RO, RO2 (v1), and RO2 (v2) Comparisons

A long time ago, an iRO player that goes by the name Nightmaren wrote an in-depth blog entry comparing RO, the first version of RO2, and the second version of RO2.

The Evolution of Ragnarok

It's interesting to see how GRAVITY changed things around when translating RO into a 3D experience. For many RO players, both attempts failed. But there are those who developed a fondness for either the first or the second version of RO2 (or both). It's just disappointing to see so much potential just killed off and dumped onto someone else (Gravity Interactive). It's obvious that GRAVITY allowed themselves to be held back from making a decent game for the sake of profits.

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 23 February 2017

2017 Valentine's Day Quest Guide (kRO)

Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums on 2017 February 9.


You can do this in any order, but I would recommend the route below.

  • 1 Prontera
  • 2 Morroc
  • 3 Geffen
  • 4 Rewards

Here we meet Garnish Lorenzo. She needs us to gather items to help her son win over a girl.

  • 5 Candy
  • 5 Candy Canes
  • 3 Throat Lozenge - It says Neck Protection Candy you can buy these in Comodo.

After giving her the 3 items, she gives you 10 Sweets Festival Coins.

Note: The coins are tradeable.

You can get coins by turning 20 stolen cacao from Sweet Drops in for 10 coins at Chocolate Factory Owner in Prontera.

After you give him 20 stolen cacao, you can help him deliver the chocolates. He teleports you around Rune Midgard.
First you are sent to Geffen, then Payon, then A…

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 22 February 2017

Doram Lasagna Island Guide

Originally posted on the WarpPortal Forums on 2017 February 16.

Oh boy, here we go....

  • 1 Step 1:
    • 1.1 Sidequests:
  • 2 Step 2:
  • 3 Step 3:
  • 4 Step 4:
  • 5 Step 5:
  • 6 Step 6:
  • 7 Step 7:
  • 8 Step 8:
    • 8.1 Sidequests:

Start off by talking to Vigilante Ajegna. He tells us we need to find Vigilante Aglio.

Aglio asks us to kill 3 Eggring.

After killing the 3 Eggrings, he gives us one Apple Juice and asks us to drink it.

After drinking the Apple Juice, Aglio gives us:

New weapon in hand, he asks us to kill Eggrings and recover one Delivery Box.

After giving up the box to Aglio, he sends us on our way into town!

On our way to town, we run into Well -Known Trouble Maker. He asks us to kill 3 Leaf Lunatics and 2 Grass Fabres in 10 min.

Completing this quest awards 180 Base and Job Exp.


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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 11 January 2017

Catching Up With the Times

With the Disney College Program completed for the second time (and having done all the stuff I missed out on the first time I did the program), peak season at the parks have come to an end for now. Along with the lull in attendance comes the cutting of work hours; something that I had longed for since I first hired in back in 2011. As a DCP participant, I worked 30 to 35-hour weeks in addition to attending classes for the program. When I accepted the offer to continue working at Disney after the program back then as a part-timer, I expected to get my hours cut considerably. That, to my surprise, did not happen. I continued getting at least 30-35 hours a week despite my much lower seniority compared to my coworkers who were there much longe…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 2 January 2017

Same Old New Year

Welp, it's 2017. I've been managing this wiki for 4 years now and going on 5. How the years fly. The wiki has grown so much from my initial desire to log quest information to being a full-blown Ragnarök franchise archive. Although I've been playing Ragnarok Online off and on since 2005, there's still much about the game and the franchise itself that I simply don't know about. And that's fine with me. There's always something new to learn and that's what keeps it all interesting for me.

On the downside of it all, it appears that the Ragnarök community itself has therefore imposed high expectations on me when it comes to the lore of the Ragnarök universe itself. There's certainly no doubt that I'm not the only Ragnarök lorekeeper out there, b…

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 14 May 2017

2016 Xmas Quest Guide (iRO)

I am so -__-ing sick IRL right now. But someone has to make the guides....

We start off in Eden, here we meet A Girl Asking For Hel. She says her sister needs help and to meet her by Pronteras Church.

Here we meet Valerie. Tell her Elena sent you. Elena sends us all over Rune Midgard to gather Firewood to boil wine.

First talk to Tepicy. He will warp you to the destination of your choosing.

  • 1 Geffen:
  • 2 Morroc:
  • 3 Alberta:
  • 4 Aldebaran:

Here we meet Brew Master Kantina. He needs help getting Fermented Grape Juice.

Happy Santa Orcs drop Fermented Grape Juice and they spawn on every map.

Here we meet Wholesaler Brutaqual. He needs helps sourcing materials from Mr. Vinpa. He will warp you to Payon.

After talking to Vinpa, talk to him again to have him warp you…

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 23 November 2016

2016 Thanksgiving Quest Guide (iRO)

So yeah, first quest I wrote. Came out really good. I am happy with it.

Start out in Izlude. Here we meet Dandruff Potter. He is a new student at the Kiel Hyre Acadamy.

While talking to Dandruff, the teacher mistakes us for a new student and throws us on the airship.

On the airship we find 3 bullies picking on Dandruff. After showing them who's boss we arrive in Juno.

Before parting ways with Dandruff, he realizes that he is missing school supplies.

Fear not, you assure Dandruff that Juno the city of magic will have everything he needs. So you two set off for the item shop.

After chatting with the shop owner, and realizing you can't pay the 300 billion late fees, you give up. But wait, the shop-keep knows Dandruffs father!

With our new supplies i…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 21 November 2016

That Awkward Moment...

... when you realized you created more content compared to other wikis with WAY more contributors.

I need help. :U

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 30 October 2016


Was talking to some people in the iRO Community Discord and the subject of my name came up, which reminded me of a time that fellow iRO player Queen of Furs (nickname Tiggy) kept being mistaken for me because she renamed herself to tigriss216 in the WarpPortal Forums. It got her so frustrated that she even made a thread dedicated to it.

I Am Not ZeroTigress!

Rather amusing for sure. The subject then recalled that of another iRO player name Dr. Tame who dedicated a thread to me for a different reason entirely.

Haha, ZeroTigress, you were wrong!

Not sure why such attention is drawn to me, but okay. :U

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 28 October 2016

2016 Halloween Quest (kRO)


We start in Prontera (Or any major town, they all have groups of Ludes).

We find a group of Ludes talking to each other in Prontera. They tell us that Jakk is missing. After listening, they will warp you to Niflheim.

Talking to Horolrong, he tells us we need to find Jakk in the middle of Niflheim.

There are pumpkin heads all over the middle of Niflheim. Talk to them until you find the one that tells you the Jakks location. Then go talk to Hooroorong.

Hooroorong needs us to do some errands for him.

Kill 10 Jakks. These are special Jakks that spawn on every map.

10 Pumpkin Decorations

20 White Pumpkin Stems

Jack Drops:

Hooroorong talks the items and thanks you for helping.

30 Cookies Bats Reward or a random chance at other …

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 16 October 2016

The Legacy

People have been comparing me to Doddler more often as of late. I've even been asked by some folks if I'm trying to take his place in the Ragnarok Online community, which I think is a rather silly assumption. I'm just here doing my own thing without regards to anything concerning Doddler. So no, I'm not trying to take Doddler's (or anyone's) place (in the CIRCLE OF LIIIIFFE).

For those of you who joined the RO community late, Doddler was an iRO player who was most notable for sharing new updates to RO in addition to providing a plethora of other RO resources to the community. He eventually stopped playing RO in 2011 and disappeared from the community for a few years until he resurfaced in the Tree of Savior English forums.

As you can clearly …

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 8 October 2016

RO Auction Hall Revamp

Character Window Revamp
RO Friendlist Revamp
Party Search Revamp
Vend Catalogue Revamp

Going along with the rest of my other UI revamps, this proposal addresses the former Auction Hall that once existed in Ragnarok Online.

  • Auction = list bid prices
  • Buyout = list buyout prices
  • Register = put up an item for sale
  • List = all items you've registered for sale

The UI design is obviously based on the old AH UI. I don't quite remember what the difference was between the original design's Register and Sell options. Obviously that needs to be cleared up so that's what I've done with this proposal.

Not sure whether to have it display Auctions by default or just have it on the last tab that the player clicked on. Probably the latter would be preferable since most…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 26 September 2016

Kubo and the Two Ads

Recently watched Kubo and the Two Strings, which came out in theatres back in August. I highly recommend it as it's a very beautiful stop-motion film and is the first film I've ever seen that made me cry so many times (my face was snotty throughout the movie). You will understand the "two strings" once you finish the movie and it's a very appropriate title for that. I wonder if Laika's marketing department really went all out for it, as the only time I've ever seen any marketing of Kubo was via a trailer while watching another movie (I think it may have been Warcraft, I don't recall). Granted, I am a huge stop-motion fan so I should've eventually stumbled upon Kubo one way or another, but it certainly deserves some new stop-motion fans. I will …

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MilkyThief MilkyThief 7 September 2016

2016 Ferus Bewlers Day Off Quest Guide (iRO)

What do you mean we don't have enough green makeup?! Quick run down the the store and buy some! - Okay places people, we want to see proper fire breath from the dragons this time! That means you Steve! - Calm down Frank. The lighting is just fine. Yes, they will be able to see your backdrop artwork. - Quiet guys! The adventure's will be here soon. We don't want to break the 4th wall.

We start off in Geffen, talk to Jorge Gnomero. Every 15 minutes he will allow players to warp into an alt Geffen map. Once there Dragons will spawn, kill all of them to advance. First you walk 9 O'Clock, then make your way 12 O'Clock, then 3 O'Clock, and end at 6 O'Clock.

Note: Be prepared to fight Detardeurus. After beating Detardeurus, talk to Gnomero for your…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 23 August 2016

King's Glaive

Oh, where to begin.

Well, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is not a totally bad movie. But it's not a great one either. There's a lot of things that I liked and plenty I wasn't a fan of. I'll just break it down.

First off, I like the story. It brings me back to the modern medieval knight feel that I love in Final Fantasy VIII. The pacing, however, leaves much to be desired. There wasn't a moment where there were reactions in the theatre because barely anyone knew what was going on. The action was too fast and the slower scenes did not last long enough. Seems Takeshi Nozue went to the school of Michael Bay directing because although there were a lot of neat scenes in the movie, they were zoomed in too much and went by so quickly I could barely figu…

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ZeroTigress ZeroTigress 17 August 2016

Welp, They Did It

When I said on the iRO forums to:

Let's just turn RO into this and be done with it.
Source: WarpPortal Forums

I was not actually serious. But it seems that it has actually happened with the release of Gravity Interactive's Ragnarok Clicker game.

So what the heck is Ragnarok Clicker? Like the name implies, there is a lot of clicking involved. So much so that it is literally the point of the game. You click on monsters to deal damage and earn coins from them. And then you use those coins to "hire" adventurers into your team and level up their skills so you can increase your click damage and coin gain. And if you get tired of clicking, the game will automatically play itself for you.

Yes, you heard me right. The game PLAYS ITSELF. The epitome of lazy…

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