Class Normal
Level 29 (RO)
27 (RO2)
Size Large
Type Brute (Animal)
Element Earth
Natural Habitat Payon Forest, Mt. Mjolnir, Payon Forest (RO2)

Bigfoot is a large, lonely bear that lives in a deep cave. He eats anything he can lay his hands on, adding to his massive bulk. He's very lazy and tends to doze off, but he becomes extremely violent when he's disturbed.

Fortunately, travelers needn't worry so lo...[1] Although its name may be misleading, Bigfoot is actually a large bear. It walks like it owns the forest and it does.[2]

Ragnarok Online II

In RO2, there are 3 variations of this monster:

  • Bigfoot
  • Little Bigfoot
  • Giant Bigfoot

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